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Use of Mobility Scooters

Use of Mobility Scooters

- Be sure to read the following before using -
Persons holding a handicapped person’s passbook, the elderly, injured persons and others who have a disability or otherwise have difficulty walking can use a wheelchair when riding the train.

〇It may take time for station personnel to arrive to guide you. Please allow plenty of time when coming to the train station.

〇The section of railway in which mobility scooters may be used is the entire section connecting all stations where such vehicles can be used (including transfer stations). However, at certain times, due to congestion, service interruptions or periods where use is not supported, it may not be possible to use mobility vehicles.

〇Only mobility scooters of the following dimensions and performance can be used on fare-paid express trains (Skyliner, etc.; only when using wheelchair spaces). Customers wishing to use their own mobility scooters are advised to confirm for themselves that their mobility scooters conform to the dimensions and performance characteristics listed below. Please be advised that on-board washrooms are not accessible to mobility scooters for structural reasons.

Length and height: 120cm or less; Width: 70cm or less.
  1. 1) 90-degree turning performance:

    The scooter must be able to effect a 90-degree turn with a width of 90cm within five attempts, and a 90-degree turn with a width of 100cm within one attempt.

  2. 2) 180-degree turning performance:

    The scooter must be able to effect a 180-degree turn with a width of 180cm.

Note: The mobility scooter is considered to satisfy the above conditions if: The JIS rating for the product characteristics of the mobility scooter is clearly marked on the scooter in the form of a sticker with three stars beside “Rotational performance” or: If it bears a Rehabilitation Mobility Scooter sticker issued by the Japan Barrier-free Transportation Conference or the Japan Assistive Products Evaluation Center. Devices other than the above may also satisfy the conditions, however, so customers are urged to confirm the details themselves.

〇While inside station premises, please drive safely, exercising due caution and at slow speed (about 2km/h or slower).

〇Any accidents, conflicts and damage to equipment arising from use of mobility scooters in railway facilities, etc. must be dealt with by passengers under their own responsibility. The Railway accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damages or other issues arising from such incidents.

〇Handling of other situations is as stipulated in the Passenger Operation Regulations.

Note: For a list of stations where mobility scooters may be used, please consult “RakuRaku Odekake-net.”