Think Keisei Electric Railway when traveling from Narita Airport to Downtown Tokyo


Special Discount Tickets

Skyliner Discount Ticket

You can purchase a discount ticket for the Skyliner service that operates between Narita Airport Station and Ueno Station.

Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket

A ticket for the fast and comfortable Skyliner limited express, connecting Narita Airport to the heart of Tokyo in as little as 36 minutes*1, and the "Tokyo Subway Ticket", which allows users to freely ride any Tokyo subway line for 24, 48 or 72 hours, all at a specially low priced set.

  • *1 Fastest time (in minutes) between Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Station and Nippori Station.


This is a convenient and affordable ticket package for the fast and comfortable express Skyliner that will take you from Narita Airport to Keisei Ueno in as little as 41 minutes*1 and a taxi that will take you to your hotel*2 in the city while you enjoy sightseeing out of the car window from Keisei Ueno Station.

  • *1: Fastest travel time between Narita Airport Terminal 2•3 Station and Keisei Ueno Station.
  • *2: Hotels located in 11 cities in Tokyo.

Hands-Free Travel with Skyliner

Leave your heavy luggage with us at the airport and enjoy the ease of traveling hands-free, with speedy access from the airport to central Tokyo on the Skyliner. Leave your luggage with us and receive it at your accommodations the same day.

Greater Tokyo Pass

“Greater Tokyo Pass” is a Plan Ticket which allows unlimited rides for 3 days on railway lines and streetcars operated by 12 companies and ordinary fixed-route buses of 51 companies in the Kanto area.

Shitamati Biyori Pass

Explore Tokyo’s historic Shitamachi (”Lower Town”) to your heart’s content with this one-day pass. In addition to unlimited one-day travel among all Keisei Line stations in Tokyo, this pass provides discounts and benefits at shops along the train line. The Shitamachi Biyori Pass is ideal for sightseeing in Shitamachi during your stay in Tokyo. Note: If you are staying outside Tokyo, we also offer a one-day pass with a round-trip ticket to Tokyo from the station at which you  purchased the ticket. Please inquire with a station attendant for details.

Narita-Kaiun Pass

Keisei Narita Station is the closest station to historic Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. The Narita-Kaiun Pass is a round-trip ticket between Keisei Narita Station and the station where you purchased the pass, combined with an assortment of discounts and benefits at shops and facilities around the temple. This is a convenient sightseeing option for airport transit passengers with a few hours between flights.