Think Keisei Electric Railway when traveling from Narita Airport to Downtown Tokyo


About Keisei Electric Railway

Keisei Electric Railway is a major railway transportation provider offering services between Narita Airport and downtown Tokyo as well as onward to Haneda Airport.

The company's high speed passenger trains the Skyliner and Access Express operate on the Narita SKY ACCESS Line, which opened on July 17, 2010.

Running at speeds of up to 160 kmh (100 mph), the Skyliner is the second fastest train service in Japan behind only the bullet train and it offers the quickest travel time between Narita Airport Terminal 2⋅3 Station and Ueno Station at only 41 minutes.

Keisei Electric Railway Group companies engage in a wide range of business segments, including railway transportation, bus operations, taxi services, real estate, construction and leisure.

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