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Shitamati Biyori Pass

Shitamati Biyori Pass

Explore Tokyo’s historic Shitamachi(”Lower Town”) to your heart’s content with this one-day pass. In addition to unlimited one-day travel among all Keisei Line stations in Tokyo, this pass provides discounts and benefits at shops along the train line. The ShitamatiBiyori Pass is ideal for sightseeing in Shitamachi during your stay in Tokyo.
※If you are staying outside Tokyo, we also offer the one-day pass with a round trip tickets to Tokyo from the station at which you  purchased the ticket. Please inquire with a station attendant for details.

Free-travel area
within Tokyo
Adult \500 One-day
free travel
Child* \250

*"Children" means passengers between the ages of 6 and 11 (or up to 12 if still in primary school).Passengers who are already the age of 6 but not yet going to primary school are not considered as "Children."


The Skyliner takes you directly to Ueno, a key central access point in Tokyo. Here you can enjoy the bustle of a market in the old Shitamachi style.


The narrow alleys and roadside shrines of Ya-ne-sen are filled with relaxing spots to enjoy the charm of old lower town Tokyo. Each of its constituent neighborhoods, Yanaka, Nezu and Sendai, offers its own unique atmosphere.


Tokyo has a new symbolic landmark : TOKYO SKYTREE® where you can enjoy the spectacular view. You can also take a direct bus from Oshiage to Tokyo Disney Resert®.


Shibamata is the setting for the Tora-san movie series, familiar to Japanese of every generation. Take a stroll through this Shitamachi neighborhood where the charm of Tokyo’s old lower town is very much alive.

How to Purchase and Use the “ShitamatiBiyori Pass”

Select “English” as the language.Press “Coupon”.

Select the ticket you want, “ShitamatiBiyori Pass”, and press the button

Insert the amount of the purchase price displayed. Your purchase is complete. Insert the purchased ticket into the automated ticket gate and pass through.
*Don’t forget to retrieve your ticket.