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Narita-Kaiun Pass

Keisei Narita Station is the closest station to historic Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. The Narita-Kaiun Pass is a round trip ticket between Keisei Narita Station and the station where you purchased the pass, combined with an assortment of discounts and benefits at shops and facilities around the temple. This is a convenient sightseeing option for airport transit passengers with a few hours between flights. *Not available during some periods.

Narita Airport Terminal 1 / Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 \480 \40 OFF

NaritaPhoto courtesy of Chiba Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association

Just minutes from Narita Airport, Japan’s gateway, lies a wealth of spots that are redolent with Japan’s history, including the famous Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and the old-style townscape of temple approach.

How to Purchase and Use the “Narita-Kaiun Pass”

Select “English” as the language. Press “Coupon”.

Select the ticket you want, “Narita-Kaiun Pass”, and press the button

Insert the amount of the purchase price displayed. Your purchase is complete. Insert the purchased ticket into the automated ticket gate and pass through. *Don’t forget to retrieve your ticket.