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Hands-Free Travel with Skyliner

How to use

Arrival at Narita Airport!

Leave your luggage and purchase your ticket.

At the reception location, ask for and purchase the “Hands-Free Travel with Skyliner” service. You will receive your voucher for your fare ticket and Liner ticket at this time.

Exchange your voucher .for a skyliner ticket

At the Skyliner voucher exchange location, present your ticket exchange voucher for “passenger ticket and Skyliner ticket”. Exchange your voucher for a seat reservation (includes passenger ticket) on the Skyliner train of your choice and board your train.

  • *Cannot be used on Morningliner and Eveningliner trains.
  • *Voucher is valid for exchange up to 3 months from date of purchase.

Board the Skyliner with your hands free

Pick up your luggage at the accommodations you specified, on the date and time you specified.

Fare Table

(Unit:1pcs tax incl.)

Region Fare
Hokkaido ¥4,640
Northern Tohoku ¥4,310
Southern Tohoku ¥4,210
Region Fare
Kansai ¥4,310
Chugoku ¥4,420
Shikoku ¥4,420
Kyusyu ¥4,640
Okinawa ¥6,090
  • ※Luggage specifications: Luggage or cardboard box whose sum of length, width and height is no more than 160cm and weight is 30kg or less. (Suitcases and golf bags are treated as less than 160cm. Overweight luggage is not accepted.)
  • ※For other luggage, please inquire with JAL ABC.

★JAL ABC Counter

Skyliner Ticket Exchange Locations

  • To ride the Skyliner, exchange your Skyliner voucher for a Skyliner ticket (includes passenger ticket) at any of the locations listed above.
  • * Ticket counters become crowded just before Skyliner departures, so please arrive in plenty of time.

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