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How to use the e-ticket

Please follow the procedure below to use the ticket you purchased.

Please print out or save the information of the e-ticket you purchased and come to a ticket counter or limited express ticket machine designated by Keisei Electric Railway.

Please present the e-ticket to the staff at the ticket counter and tell your desired departure time of Skyliner.

Press the Code Exchange button on the limited express ticket machine screen and scan the exchange QR code over the reader.
After that, please select your desired departure time of Skyliner as indicated on the screen.

You will be issued the number of tickets necessary to ride the Skyliner for the number of people in your party.

Please go through the automatic ticket gate one by one with the tickets.

Please sit in your designated seat when you ride the Skyliner.
Please carry the tickets with you until you arrive at the destination.

About 3-D secure

This website uses VISA verification service and MasterCard SecureCode and AMEX American Express SafeKey and JCB J/Secure that provide high security so as to offer you safe shopping.
This service enables you to enter your code registered in advance on a window of the credit card company when paying with a credit card. This will guard you against unauthorized use of your credit card and give you added security for online shopping.
* To use this service, you need to register your code in the official web page of the credit card company in advance.

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Trains You Can Use with the Skyliner Ticket

You can only ride the Skyliner. Please note that you cannot ride the “Morningliner” or the “Eveningliner.”