Group’s management philosophy

Keisei Group supports the development of society through its sound business growth by safely and pleasantly providing quality products and services appreciated by customers.

The Group’s management philosophy describes the Group’s basic management stance and its basic relations with society, including its raison d’être and social mission.

Good products and services to be appreciated by customers

Given the declining birthrate and aging population, the market has been contracting. The market has entered an age of megacompetition that transcends national and industrial boundaries. The Keisei Group needs to constantly meet changing customer needs, keeping up with the times, and to be the first choice of customers. We aim to create good products and services appreciated by customers.

Safely and pleasantly

The word “safely” refers to the safety of passengers and customers, which we are responsible for in our Transportation business—operations of railways, buses, and taxis—and in our Leisure, Service business. But the word has a broader sense. It refers to the safety of food in the distribution business, the safety of products in the manufacturing business, and the safety of buildings in the construction business. The Group Action Guidelines say that safety and security will be put first. Safety and security are the core elements of the Keisei Group’s social mission. The word “pleasantly” implies that we should enable our customers to use our services pleasantly. Specifically, the Group Action Guidelines say that we will be mindful of greeting customers and will act in a customer-oriented manner. We are striving to improve our manners in our BMK initiative, as we call it.

Through sound business growth

The Keisei Group has been developing community-based operations from a medium- to long-term perspective. Its core business, transportation, is of a public nature. For the Group to fulfill its social responsibility, it is important for each Group company to achieve sound business growth. The word “sound” also implies appropriate business ethics and environmental consciousness. This is described in the Group Action Guidelines.

Supports the development of society

The Keisei Group aims to contribute to the development of society through each Group company’s business. The Group is committed particularly to enriching lives in communities, especially in the east part of Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture, and Ibaraki Prefecture. As a corporate group that plays a key role in providing access to Narita Airport, the Group will make a wider contribution to society. We are performing day-to-day operations so that we will contribute to the development of society as a result of following the Action Guidelines based on our philosophy.