3. Strengths of the Keisei Group

The considerable potential of transportation to and from Narita Airport

Reliable, speedy railway network
In addition to the Keisei Main Line, the Narita Sky Access Line has opened as a new route connecting central Tokyo and Narita Airport.
The Skyliner trains operated by Keisei Electric Railway run at 160 kilometers per hour, the highest speed on conventional lines. They connect Nippori and Narita Airport (Terminal 2) in 36 minutes minimum. Airport access is comparable to that of major airports overseas.

The Keisei Group operates Access Express trains, which connect Shimbashi, Nihombashi, and Oshiage, and Narita Airport via Narita Sky Access Line, and express trains connecting Tokyo and Narita Airport via Funabashi on the Keisei Main Line.
The Group’s railways to and from Narita Airport are competitive and have an advantage due to their speed, especially that of the Skyliner, and their service frequency, which comes from having two routes: the Narita Sky Access Line and Keisei Main Line.

Network of highway buses that covers an extensive area centered on Tokyo
In the bus business, a business in which Keisei Bus plays a central role, we operate bus routes mainly to and from Narita Airport and in and around Tokyo, as well as in major cities in regional areas.

Three Keisei Group bus companies etc., including Keisei Bus, operate Airport Bus TYO-NRT. Airport Bus TYO-NRT, connecting central Tokyo and Narita Airport, operates the largest fleet of airport shuttle buses in Japan and has developed transportation in response to arrival and departure times in early morning and in the late evening.

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