1. History of the Keisei Group

Since its founding in 1909, the Keisei Group has been developing a range of community-based services in Tokyo, Chiba, and Ibaraki.

Keisei Electric Railway, the core company of the Keisei Group, commenced operations in 1909 as a railway for visitors to Ofudo in Narita-san. In 1912, Keisei Electric Railway began to operate trains—each train had only five cars—between Oshiage and Edogawa and between Takasago and Shibamata (a total of 11.5 km).

Over the years that followed, the Company expanded its railway network to improve convenience for its customers. In 1960, the Company shared tracks with the subway, a first for Japan. In 1978, the network was expanded to reach Narita Airport. In 1991, the network was directly linked to the terminal at Narita Airport. In July 2010, the Narita Sky Access Line opened as a new line from central Tokyo to Narita Airport.

Based on its railway operations, the Keisei Group has developed a variety of operations. In 1932, the Group started its bus business in earnest. In 1933, it commenced its real estate business. From 1955, the Group expanded into the distribution business and the leisure and service business. Today the Group provides comprehensive lifestyle services in Tokyo, Chiba, and Ibaraki.