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Reserve and purchase at a ticket window
*All Skyliner seating is reserved.

Purchase at the station or from a travel agency

Tickets on sale at ●Stations where the Skyliner stops ( Narita Airport Terminal 1 , Narita Airport Terminal 2⋅3, Nippori, Ueno )
●Keisei Ueno Information Center ( Ueno Station )
Hours of operation:
Liner Ticket Counter: 7:00am to 10:30pm
Ticket counter in the arrivals lobby: 7:00am to 9:00pm
Keisei Ueno Information Center: 9:30am to 6:30pm
On-sale date Tickets go on sale one month prior to the departure date.
Route Stations where the train will stop Travel time Fare Skyliner Fare
Narita SKY ACCESS Line Skyliner
(Narita Airport Terminal 1– Narita Airport Terminal 2⋅3 – Nippori - Ueno)
41min.* ¥1,240** ¥1,230**

*Shortest time required between Ueno Station and Narita Airport Terminal 2⋅3 Station

**The Skyliner fare will be 2,465 yen (ticket 1,235 yen + Skyliner ticket 1,230 yen) when using an approved IC card (PASMO or Suica, etc.) at the ticket gate

Skyliner tickets can be purchased with a major credit card.

Skyliner Ticket MachineCredit cards acceptedSkyliner Ticket CounterCredit cards accepted

*Major credit cards can be used to purchase either the Skyliner ticket alone or a combined base fare and Skyliner ticket.
*Please use the machines located outside the ticket gate when using the Skyliner Ticket Machine to purchase tickets.
*Some ticket windows may not sell certain Skyliner tickets.

Check the location of the ticket counter at each station using this map.
Click here for directions to the ticket counter from Narita Airport.

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